Xport 360 v2.07 - Vista, Vista 64, 60GB und 120GB 2017-02-07

Xport 360 v2.07 - Vista, Vista 64, 60GB und 120GB

  1. Noli
    Latest Xport 360 Install (v2.07) - Vista, Vista 64, 60GB and 120GB HD Compatible

    Brand new version of the Xport software.

    Vista x64 bit drivers for reading memory cards in Vista 64.
    Drivers are now signed too.
    Manual updated.
    Many compatibility issues (256mb memory cards, Xbox 1 memory cards, and more) fixed.
    * Adds support for some other 60gb drives
    * Fixes a file time stamp issue
    * Fixes a multiple file copy issue
    * Adds support for newer 64mb Xbox360 memory cards
    * Support for Datel 360 Micro SD memory card (any size - e.g 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB)
    * Added support for HDD`s that had had their sector 0 (MBR) overwritten by Windows
    * Fixes a bug where overwriting a file sometimes doesn´t free the space of the old file
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