Priiloader v0.4 rev88 2017-02-07

Priiloader v0.4 rev88

  1. Noli
    - Fix an error in the list of channels.
    - Fix a bug causing a green bar on the system menu
    - Fix code dump

    [Rev86 rev87 &]
    - Change just for the wiki

    - Small code cleaning

    - Fix loading string.

    - Fix ncrash when u want to start some channels.
    - Fix a confusion in priiloader / ES when there is a crash when u do string is invalid.

    - Readers of TDG was slightly moved.

    [Rev 81]
    - Installer: cleaning and rewriting a better error report ES_Identify
    - Priiloader: Fix the automatic detection of USB port when booting the system menu.

    [Rev 80]
    - Fix a problem in the priiloader that may block your Wii if the gecko is activated.

    - Fix compiling with the latest version of libogc

    - Changes in system files
    - Added warning when changing password

    - Fix a small bug
    - Added a "fantasy" More & Less for the selection of VC / WW

    - No log message

    - Réajout forget to install the rev74

    - Fix a huge bug
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