multiMAN 04.18.00 UPDATE 2017-02-07

multiMAN 04.18.00 UPDATE

  1. Noli
    multiMAN 04.18.00 is available for online update (and also in the WEB column)
    multiMAN ver 04.18.00 (20130105).zip (29.38MB)
    The zip includes CEX and DEX updates and the BASE STEALTH. If you download the zip from the Web column you can ‘unzip’ it via mmOS from /dev_hdd0/packages.
    * Added support for downloadable packages/files in the Web column
    * Fixed some minor issues (rename/delete) when using “Game Settings” menu (after using L1/R1 to switch games)
    * Reworked some core functions and improved mM’s performance even more
    * Added back “Install Package Files Method” to Settings for 4.30 firmwares
    * Removed pulsing of the currently selected entry (works better with some fonts)
    * “Game Settings” menu now loads faster
    * If the background game-verification didn’t complete and you had to wait for “Verifying…” it will now happen only once per game. The result of the verification is now remembered
    I rewrote and optimized a lot of functions in this version and you will notice the difference.
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