linux kmeaw CFW 3.55 2017-02-07

linux kmeaw CFW 3.55

  1. schickimiki
    UPDATE - Debian v2 Debian v3 Ubuntu

    This is working for 3.55KMEAW.
    • Grab the attached package and lv2patcher v9.
    • Download the debian archive (or one of the above if using HDD instead of USB) and extract linux.img to USB stick root (or dev_hdd0 root if using one of the above).
    • Install AsbestOS and lv2patcher packages.
    • Run AsbestOS installer. When prompted press X to exit.
    • Remember to have your usb keyboard/mouse connected before continuing.
    • Run lv2patcher. Go down and select Linux.
    • After a bit you should see penguins.

    Login = ps3
    Password = ps3

    Note - If your screen doesn't support low resolutions well then you might struggle to read text through HDMI.
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