EDuke32 - Duke Nukem 3D 2017-02-07

EDuke32 - Duke Nukem 3D

  1. Noli
    • Download EDuke32 Wii.
    • Extract the archive to the root of your SD card.
    • Place the DUKE3D.GRP and DUKE.RTS game data files in /apps/eduke32/. If you are unsure where to find these files, see the EDukeWiki Installation and configuration page.
    • To hear the MIDI music, set up Timidity by copying the cfg file to "/etc/timidity/timidity.cfg" on your SD/USB drive and putting the patch files in "/usr/local/lib/timidity/". Freepats works well. You can install it by extracting it directly to "/usr/local/lib/timidity/" and copying one of the cfg files to "/etc/timidity/timidity.cfg".
    • Launch the game using your loader.
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