BackupManager v0.4.6 Build 79

Nintendo Wii Backup Manager

  1. New28
    0.4.6 Build 79
    |-Added: A little antialiasing for the software cover renderer. Still not as good as using OpenGL/Direct3D, but it removes some of the jaggies when the image isn't too large.
    |-Changed: The covers menu moved to "Tools->Covers".
    |-Changed: Internal cover folder format to "c:\covers\3d". I'm not sure why it was using "c:\covers\3d\%s.png".
    |-Added: When selecting a folder, there's a new dialog that allows you to manually enter the path. Use the button in the dialog to browse for the folder just as before.
    |-Changed: Only one instance of WBM is allowed to run from the same folder at any time. It's still possible to run multiple instances as long as they're not in the same folder. The main reason for this is that the database can't be shared between instances and would lock up the app.

    0.4.5 build 78
    |-Fixed: The database "convert to internal format" freezes at 0.56% with the latest GameTDB database. A simple typo caused the bug that really should've shown up before.
    |-Changed: Update link to WUpload has been removed from the app, replaced with a link to the WBM website.
    |-Added: New features for the export templates that allow creating a multiple column table. See the ncwbfsstyle template. "Entry step" = how many entries to output between the [Entry header] and [Entry footer].
    |-Fixed: The database list wasn't refreshed after changing the settings. eg. Title colours etc.
    |-Fixed: After recent tests trying to get Direct3D working with WIn64, I accidentally got the OpenGL and Direct3D renderers mixed up.
    |-Fixed: Resetting the Original title colour in the settings dialog made it green instead of blue. That bug must've existed from day one.

    0.4.5 build 76
    |-Added: Menu item on drive pages, "Tools->FAT32/NTFS->Repair WBFS files". This will fix most problems that cause games to show as invalid in WBM. For example, the corrupt WBFS header caused by the renaming bug below and also WBFS files that haven't been trimmed correctly.
    |-Added: "Tools->WBFS->Recovery mode" now also works with WBFS files. If you have invalid entries in the list, this will allow you to transfer the games to another drive or ISO/CISO which will repair them.
    |-Fixed: A serious issue with title renaming that caused corrupt WBFS files. By not rewriting the WBFS header when renaming the title, it removes the possibility of the header getting corrupt. It doesn't need rewritten anyway, so the code shouldn't have been there.
    |-Fixed: (Issue #0000006) In WIndows XP, the visual styles cause the files list to turn black.
    |-Fixed: (Issue #0000004) When I made some changes from WiiTDB to GameTDB, I missed the titles colour entry in the setting dialog. Because it used WiiTDB and the code expected GameTDB, the colour couldn't be edited.

    0.4.4 build 73
    |-Fixed: Because I was working on new features, The cover display wasn't working correctly in unreleased test builds. Anyone that was testing should update.
    |-Fixed: The Labels in the about box and splash screen weren't transparent in XP. This was a bug in Delphi. I had to manually add "Transparent = true" to the label properties in the dfm file because the default value wasn't being applied as it should.
    |-Fixed: (Issue #0000002) When loading an invalid file via "add files" or "add folder", the error was shown in the progress panel's mini log, but the details weren't in the main log. This made it impossible to tell why the game wasn't loaded.
    |-Fixed: Trying to add a Wii ISO to the files list where the partition table was invalid would cause the thread to terminate early. Any games in the queue after the broken one wouldn't be loaded.
    |-Fixed: I missed a couple of invalid typecasts in the Win64 code that caused WBFS split files not to work. Both reading and writing were broken when the split was reached.
    |-Fixed: Database filter dialog wasn't translated correctly when setting the language.
    |-Fixed: "New language file" function was adding all the database filters to the new file. ie. all the developer/publisher names etc.

    0.4.3 build 68
    |-Changed: Win32 and Win64 versions are released in the same package. Use whatever one you want..
    |-Fixed: The Game info vertical splitter (resizer) wasn't repositioned when setting position if the game info panel. It seemed like it wasn't there, but it was just in the wrong place.
    |-Added: Visual styles. Select any of the available styles in the Options->Visual Styles menu.
    |-Fixed: Various title edit/display issues. eg. Using enter or escape caused an AV when editing titles. The custom titles now override the WiiTDB ones etc. Loads of little changes to make it work how it should've..
    |-Fixed: SNEEK format, main.dol is now identical to wit instead of having trailing junk data like DiscEx.
    |-Fixed: OpenGL renderer now works in Win64 and Direct3D was removed.
    |-Added: Native Win64 version now available.
    |-Fixed: Another little bug in the SHA-1 hash check and SNEEK format. These should be 100% working now.
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