XeBuild GUI 2.087 2017-02-07

XeBuild GUI 2.087

  1. Noli
    * 2.087 *
    - Fixed: No longer enforcing RGH 1.0 for trinity, please beware that ECC creation might not work with the RGH 2.0 script, however the RGH 1.x script works perfectly with any trinity version to date (except for 15572+ updated machines of course!)
    - Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.06
    - Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.05
    - Updated: Now building 2.0.16202.0
    - Updated: XML’s have been updated like ussual with the location and MD5 hash of the new update files…
    - Added: I’ve now written a full tutorial on how to use this GUI to update your JTAG/RGH Console, you can find it here: http://xebuildtut.xeupd.com it’s also linked by the « Tutorial » menu item in the GUI (it’ll open in your default webbrowser)
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