USB Loader GX Version 2.3 2017-02-07

USB Loader GX Version 2.3

  1. Noli
    Einer der besten USB Loader die es derzeit für die Wii zu bekommen gibt.

    Hier eine nicht ganz vollständige Liste der Features:

    * Die GUI basiert auf libwiigui
    * Widescreen Support
    * Individuelle Einstellungen für jedes Spiel
    * Kindersicherung
    * Theme Unterstützung
    * Coverdownload Feature
    * File-Launching

    Hinweis: Wer von der 1.0-Version auf die Version 2.X updaten möchte, muss den Loader erneut konfigurieren.


    USB Loader GX v2.3:
    Released on 2011 10 23

    - Added the possibility to use the internal Wii System Menu font (thanks to
    giantpune and r-win).
    - Added proper message to install progress bar to show when install is really
    - Added a GUI option for Play count display.
    - Added "Remember Unlock" option in parental control menu to set whether the
    lock should always be enabled on launch if a password is set.
    - Added Priiloader override on returning to Wii System Menu.
    - Added different hooktype and wiird debugger (Thanks to GeckoOS for the
    - Added NAND emulation to redirect Wii NAND access to SD or USB. Default NandEmu
    path set to sd:/nand/ (Requires d2x cIOS v7 alpha or later).
    * Partial emulation: Load and save the game saves to the NandEmu path instead
    of the Wii internal memory.
    The Mii, Wiimote configuration and Wii settings are
    loaded from the real Wii.
    * Full emulation: Load everything from the NandEmu path instead of the Wii
    internal memory.
    Attention: if you play on someone else's Wii, you'll need
    to use your own Wiimote and network might not work.
    - Added a NAND extract feature. You can extract everything or enter a path to a
    directory or file which to extract.
    - Added a save game extraction menu to extract all save games at once from real
    NAND to NandEmu path.
    - Added a per game save game extraction to NandEmu path.
    - Added a per game NandEmu, Hooktype, WiirdDebugger setting.
    - Added possibility for network re-init (Wifi-Button in Homebrew Launcher).

    - Using new app_booter for homebrew booting (see WiiXplorer changelog).
    - Reload back to entry IOS when starting homebrew instead of starting it in
    - Removed limit of .csv and .txt game list creation.
    - Entered characters for the password field are now hidden.
    - Improved detection of not existing cheat txt files.
    - Forwarder: Centered the background image and corrected the aspect ratio.

    - Fixed META.XML format.
    - Disabled try to mount of drive when no disc is inserted.
    - Fixed issue with file browser not jumping back to first directory entry on
    directory change.

    USB Loader GX v2.2:
    Released on 2011 06 29

    - Added game categories and filter games list by categories (Can be imported from WiiTDB).
    - Wiinertag support.
    - Supporting arguments from meta.xml on boot (--ios=xxx and --usbport=x) (Requires Homebrew Channel 1.0.7+ or
    UNEO Forwarder v3.0).
    - New ehci modules by Rodries with better drive compatibility.
    - Added two new video modes to force progressive video mode, 'FORCE PAL480p' and 'FORCE NTSC480p'.
    - Added Sneek Video Patch mode.
    - Added new 'Inherit' setting for game settings named "Use global". If that option is set then the main loader
    setting is used.
    - Full d2x cIOS support with it's new features (Block IOS Reload, Return To, Sector Sizes > 512).
    - Support for sector sizes > 512B with FAT32/NTFS (Requires d2x v6+)
    - Real support for simultanious use of both USB ports without switching the 2nd drive temporary off. (Requires
    Hermes cIOS or Rodries MOD of the Hermes cIOS (recommended)) (thanks Rodries)
    - Added two new settings menus
    - Added saving of game browser position when returning to USB Loader GX

    - Improved several GUI controls/navigations
    - Changed settings menu layout and sorted the items to their correct place (HDD menu, features menu)
    - Set games settings to use the global setting by default, set to "use global" to use the main loader settings.
    - Use TinyXML instead of MXML (better XML support)
    - Updated to new libs (libogc, libfat, libext2fs, libntfs)

    - "Return to" option now work for all games, even problematic games like Prince of Persia. (Requires d2x v4+)
    - Xflip setting fixed.
    - Fix the parental lock of Individual game settings (Thanks to NJ7)
    - Fix Theme downloader
    - Fixed reset of the loader when loading game with IOS reload and disabled WiiTDB titles
    - Fixed timeout timer on startup to count correctly.
    - Fixed reversed disc image download when Custom/Original option is selected
    - Fixed reload of game list after a game rename
    - Fixed horizontal text scrolling
    - Fixed booting games by arguments (headless id feature)
    - Fixed We Dare game boot (thx oggzee)

    USB Loader GX v2.1:
    Released on 2011 03 20

    New :
    * Auto-patch New Super Mario Bros. Wii AP (no Wip file needed).
    * Games marked as "New" will also appear in favorite mode.
    * AltDol+ feature added. Select AltDol method "Prompt when launching" to see a list of dols when launching the game.
    If a wdm file is found in wdm path, it will be used to rename the found dol files to friendly names.
    * Automatic AltDol for known problematic games (SSX, Red Steel, Wii Sports Resort, etc.)
    * Carousel arrow position is now themable.
    * Individual Parental control option for every menus and buttons.
    * When deleting a game, you will be prompt for deleting everything related (covers, cheats, etc.).
    * New setting for Home menu layout.
    * Added support for physical sector sizes other than 512 bytes per sector for wbfs partitions only!
    Tested with a 3TB drive with a sector size 4096 on wbfs partition (thanks to Dexter).
    * Added download for Full covers. If a Full cover is found, 3D box will appear in the game info page.
    * Added additional sort mode "Sort by number of players".
    * Added support for Multiple partitions. When active, all games from all partitions of the current USB port will be listed.
    The selected partition in the GUI Setting will be used for game installation.
    * Added support for Wiimms virtual sector sizes for WBFS to store more than 500 games.
    * New Theme menu to manage downloaded themes.
    * Added support for using USB port 1 (ONLY ON HERMES CIOS).
    * Added support for using both USB ports at once (ONLY ON HERMES CIOS).
    Use this option with Multiple partitions option to list all the games from all partitions from both ports at once.
    ATTENTION : Set all your user defined paths to SD card or you can corrupt your data.
    * Added cache of game titles. This will speed up the startup of the loader. It can be deactivate in the settings.
    * Added left/right on game info screen to go to the next/previous game.
    * Added a widescreen and font scale factor.

    Changes :
    * WiiTDB cover download logic changed. Missing cover's localization won't fall-back to English.
    * Libfat now use FS info sector on FAT32 partitions to improve free space reading speed.
    You need to run "Synch FAT32 FS info" once in the Loader setting if free space reading is still slow or free size inaccurate.
    * Cover download menu now uses checkboxes. Choose Discart download priority in the GUI Settings.
    * Changed USB Loader GX WBFS formatter to choose 2048 as virtual sector size if a drive with a size > 500GB is formatted.
    * Removed playcount limit (Previously set to 255).
    * Changed default setting for video mode back to disc default (Correct black screen on game launch).
    * Changed title/channel browser to use WiiTDB for displaying title names if no name is found in WiiTDB the old method is used

    Fixes :
    * SD Card icon no longer reset the currently loaded Theme.
    * Fixed bug in the homebrew browser and the homebrew launcher when received via network.

    USB Loader GX v2.0:
    Released on 2011 01 09

    * Support for all cIOS (up to Hermes 5.1 and Waninkoko r21)
    * Support for all IOS slot from 200 to 255.
    * Support for WBFS/FAT32/NTFS/Ext2/3/4 with Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+
    * Support for multiple WBFS partitions (Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+)
    * Support up to 8 partitions to store the boot.dol and datas (config, images, themes, etc.)
    * Support drives >1Tb
    * Support for Primary/Logical partitions and GUID Partitions Table (GPT).
    * Added configuration file version checking. It will reset the old one automatically if important changes occured.
    * Added URL to hosting websites ( for theme and for update files).
    * Added screenshot feature while in the loader (Press Z+c).
    * Support more sound formats: AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV now with no file size limit (streaming).
    * Support for the new Homebrew Channel (1.0.7+) when exiting the loader.
    * Support for the tag in the meta.xml for AHBPROT enabled with HBC 1.0.7+
    * New homebrew launching engine
    * New Theme format (Now uses the same format than the language files).
    * Per game lock feature for better parental control.
    * Choose the sub-directory naming convention when installing a game (Ignored on WBFS partition).
    * Select the split size when installing a game: 2GB or 4GB or none.
    * BCA files support.
    * WIP patch files support.
    * Automatic patch for "Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands" (no Wip file needed). (Disable "Return to" option in Prince of Persia preferences)
    * Added Wii message board update (Playlog) when exiting a game to the Wii menu.
    * Brawl+ support.
    * Return to a channel when exiting a game.
    * Removed 1:1 install mode, use install all partition instead or use a real dumper if you want a clean dump.
    * Changed the default folders layout, now the themes and images folders are sub-folders of the loader (apps/usbloader_gx/themes, etc.)
    * Changed the way the Parental control is working and don't read the one from the wii setting anymore. The password is crypted in the config file.
    * Now uses the full Wiitdb.xml instead of the user generated file.

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  1. (gelöschter Benutzer)
    Version: 2017-02-07
    kann ich nur zustimmen
  2. (gelöschter Benutzer)
    Version: 2017-02-07
    coole sache :) thx @ all
  3. knorfix
    Version: 2017-02-07
    hallo habe den usb loader habe aber jetzt paar spiele wo der bildschirm schwarzbleibt wie (bully-die ehrenrunde oder die schlümpfe dance )was muss ich da tun das die laufen mit dem usb loader gx hab gelesen man soll den updaten aber der loader sagt mir das er auf dem neusten stand ist kann mir einer erklären was ich genau machen muss damit die gehn.ich sage schon mal Danke
  4. (gelöschter Benutzer)
    Version: 2017-02-07
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