Solar für 4.21 CFW 2017-02-07

Solar für 4.21 CFW

  1. D!CRA

    SELECT pauses the music
    START resumes it. lol
    L3 respawns Solar
    And all the other buttons will launch the app it's attached to, in this case Rogero Manager.


    3D and 2D playback.
    3 stable screens timed to eliminate screen burns.
    Mp3 playback.
    Dynamic effects.
    This version works with Rogero Manager.

    Future Updates:

    Ftp, ....still doesn't work right, so I'll leave it for a future update.
    More screens.
    More Dynamic effects, eg: asteroid hitting a planet.
    Comets, well that already works but too late to add it.
    User MP3 playback by drag/drop to CNDR00001 directory.
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