SNES9x PS3 4.4.8 Released 2017-02-07

SNES9x PS3 4.4.8 Released

  1. Noli
    Build 4.4.8 (03-04-2011)
    * Very big performance and lag reduction optimizations. The previous builds
    were indeed very laggy - this should be a very big improvement on that front.

    * You can now use two shaders at once - we call this 'Custom Scaling/ Dual
    Shader' mode. A scaling factor (from 1 to 4x) can be specified.

    Some great graphical effects can be achieved by combining shaders.

    * Shader presets have been added. Shader presets are configuration files that
    automatically configure the settings for 'Shader 1', 'Shader 2', 'Hardware
    Filtering Shader 1', 'Hardware Filtering Shader 2', 'Scaling Factor' and
    'Overscan'. You can create your own shader presets - they are just
    plain-text files stored in USRDIR/presets.

    * Controllers can now be individually configured - you can specifically
    configure the controls for a controller connected to a specific port/

    * Cheat input has been made less buggy. With the 'New' control scheme -
    L2 + Analog Stick Right Down will still input cheats with the OSK, but
    it will add a generic label (simply the cheatcode itself as a label)
    until you rename this generic label by triggering the action 'Input
    Cheatlabel'. The 'New' control scheme has this hooked up to 'L2 + R2 +
    Analog Stick Right - Down'. This can of course be reconfigured to any
    button / button-combo you see fit.

    * Fixed interlaced games like Rise Of The Robots - were displaying
    glitched graphics before in version 4.4.7.

    * Added a homebrew SNES game by Themaister. Game logic is semi-hooked
    up - paddle works, ball bounces off the paddle, just scoring has to
    be added. Anyway, this has mostly been a 3-day exercise in SNES ASM. This is just for illustrative purposes.

    * Added some shader variations and some new shaders - HQ4x, 4xBR -
    courtesy of Jacaraca.
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