Showtime 3.5.72 - PS3 Media Center 2017-02-07

Showtime 3.5.72 - PS3 Media Center

  1. Noli
    Changelog for 3.5.72

    • Various fixes for UPNP compliance
    • autobuild: Support -R option (Do not upload build results)
    • Fix printf formating error
    • Don't write stuff to cache that we never will be able to retrieve again.
    • Merge pull request #66 from whyz/subtitle_timeout
    • Fix a couple of bugs spotted by LLVM
    • LLVM lacks some intrinsics (unless we build with SSE4.1) for the GLWSSE vectorization
    • More autobuild fixes for ps3
    • New toolchain (hopefully works)
    • buildsystem: Fix bug with toolchains for ps3
    • Use jemalloc on ps3
    • Rewrite EMU_THREAD_SPECIFICS to use pool allocator
    • Makfile: Fixup som deps
    • pool: Rewrite pool to not use malloc() derived allocations at all
    • Various fixes for libav 0.8
    • libav: Clean build dir if submodule is updated
    • osx: Initial attempt to use VDA (Video Decode Acceleration)
    • video decoder: Don't abuse buffer allocation for frame metadata
    • Update libav to 0.8.1
    • buildsystem: Various clean and add support for ccache
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