PS3 Resigning Tools Version 1.71 2017-02-07

PS3 Resigning Tools Version 1.71

  1. Noli
    These windows allow for batch scripts from your game or your bluray update (pkg) to patch the files so that you can make your own fix your game and launch 3.40-3.55 3.60.
    Warning: These tools can cause bugs in your PS3. If possible, have dumps done with E3 débricker order, or in case of incorrect handling.
    Version 1.71
    - Removed parameter t which caused problems with scetool.
    - Update Tool FixELF.exe Version 1.7
    - Added key appldr until firmware 4.30. Version 1.6.1
    - Update Tool bruteforce in 2.2.0 which adds support tool crack of klicense by MAGIC333X
    - Update key PS3. Version 1.6
    - No longer uses the file extension to determine whether the file is a SPRX or EXEC , using the “type” value in “ELF64 Header” instead.
    - Display the command line scetool used to encrypt the file. Version 1.5
    - Fixed parameter np-app-type, depending on the file entry.
    - Updated keys. Version 1.4 – Update to version 0.2.9 scetool.
    - Using the “template” of scetool.
    - Update fixElf.
    - Integration of a ungpkg modified by me even to support files and sdat Edat during the decryption of files pkg. Version 1.3
    - Updated bruteforce.exe
    - Using FixElf to patch instead of sys_proc_param binmay. The tool should be more effective.
    - Other minor changes. Version 1.2
    - Update bruteforceur with the addition of plugin testklic which is faster than scetool to check if the klicense is good.
    - Changing the patcher param . sfo to use another tool aldostools compatible with all PARAM.SFO (not just 3.60).
    - Removed unnecessary parameters scetool when the file is not npdrm.
    - Adding a specific message when you try decrypt a file that was not the key (3.65 +). Version 1.1
    - Added a bruteforceur of klicense v1.7.3 by aldostools to replace klicense_cracker.bat.
    - Fixed a bug with file extractor pkg.
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