PRXTool 2017-02-07


  1. D!CRA
    It seems that the PSP homebrew scene is having a dry spell of some sort lately, so TyRaNiD released his latest homebrew app to keep the action going. It's one nifty app called PRXTool (it's the first version, by the way), and according to the readme, it has a wide range of functions such as:
    It can output an IDC file for use in IDA Pro
    It can output an ELF file from a PRX
    It can also disassemble the PRX into a pretty printed form.
    To install, the dev says you just have to do "the old ./bootstrap and ./configure thing, then type make or gmake". Here's an example lifted, again, from the readme:

    ./bootstrap; ./configure; make; make install

    Got that? You can try it out for yourself by downloading TyRaNiD's homebrew app below. Enjoy!
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