PCSP v.0.5.4 - PSP Emulator für den PC 2017-02-07

PCSP v.0.5.4 - PSP Emulator für den PC

  1. Noli
    PCSP ist ein PSP Emulator für Windows PCs der in C++ geschrieben wurde.

    • General
    o Experimental Dynamic shaders . A lot faster works in a few demos – use it at your own risk
    o Added VEH handler for win32
    o New portable fiber implementation for win, linux and macosx 32/64-bit.
    o GLEW is now used instead of GLEE
    o Better thread behavior for KernelVsync
    o Fix a bug with opengl renderer when trying to unbind a shader program never binded
    • HLE
    o Implementation of sceRtcSetDosTime ,sceRtcIsLeapYear ,sceRtcCompareTick
    o Implemented adding of ticks. (11 syscalls)
    o Fix sceRtcGetCurrentTick()
    o Fixed sceKernelLibcTime()
    o Implementation for sceKernelPollSema()
    o Fixes in KernelEventFlag
    o added loading of files after resetting emu. (sceKernelLoadExec case)
    o Improved and refactored module management code into sceKernelModule.
    o Started implementation of restarting features for PCSP.
    o Partially implemented sceKernelLoadExec
    • GE
    o Partial implementation for CMD_SIGNAL
    o Fixed pc address and stall address
    o Added LogicalOperation, corrected StencilTest
    o CMD_TLEVEL was wrong
    o Implementation of spline decoding
    o fix LOD issues in micromachines
    o fix a bug with DXTn compressed textures
    • sound
    o sceAtrac3plus: source cleanup
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