Open Manager v2.1 Rev I-2 & Open Kopie installiere 2017-02-07

Open Manager v2.1 Rev I-2 & Open Kopie installiere

  1. schickimiki
    Try has I might, I could not find a thread on psx-scene about this version of open manager or Open Copy Install by wuepe from So here they are! Remember not to delete your previous installation of open manager when updating. Doing so may erase all of your previously backed up games from your HDD. Instead, simply reinstall the update from your install package files folder and your all set.

    Changes REV I: Loosely translated

    - Png with transparency Allows

    - Messages when installing subjects/title pages


    - Added to title page routes search 3D COVERS3D/SIMPLE and 3D double slide COVERS3D/DOUBLE

    - Now if it does not find title pages in the external disc it looks for, them by Internet (Izq+L2 Commando for the selected one, Der+L2 for all the list)

    - The commando to watch space that occupies in disc the game, now shows the ID-GAME

    - Now it is possible to be specified in the subject, that if does not find the title page, that it shows the icon of the game

    - Left + L1, install subjects, only separate the search of title pages to Left + L2

    - They are possible to be used for Following title page Previous/that is title pages 3D or 3D double slide

    - Possibility of using text Groups, in this way we can personalize the basic image

    - It can hides the text of information when being in trapped mode, like the size in disc can be hidden being in trapped mode or no.

    - Addition language Portuguese to the original subject

    - The configuration of the title page servant keeps in options.ini where this installed OM, can be changed by others urls, if urls does not work that brings by defect.

    Remember to enter the following username to use the integrated FTP server:

    User: OMAN46756

    Password: None

    Update - 11/11/10 Open Manager v2.1 Rev I-2 released


    - It clears the list of games played to start the application.
    - Activating the Remote Play option from a PC / PSP remotely.
    - Added new parameters to indicate the sort order (Fund coverage, block, etc. ...), Edit text on / off home / homebrew, and see if the game disc is selected internal / external / BR and its parameters to change its location.

    Update - 11/11/10 Open Copy Install 1.1c released

    Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on your internal or external Hard drive. It can copy games from one Hard drive to another and also install games to the hard drive.

    11/17/10 - Added doggie721 stealth version of Open Manager version 2.1 I-2 for online play

    Shows game ID as NPWR01247 (Call of duty Black Ops) *Use at your own risk!*
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