Iris Manager Version 2.50 2017-02-07

Iris Manager Version 2.50

  1. Noli
    PS3 Backup Manager Iris Manager Version 2.50

    What’s new on 2.50 version of Iris manager:
    This is the last version (for the time being) hence i will “partially” retired or so to speak: I will not be so active as was until now. (Unless in case of “extreme” need to fix something and i hope now with the new GUI other people will venture to keep up to date and make it better.
    I’ve done all the impossible giving to the end user all the tools and resources needed but it’s time to take a break and start to do other things. Maybe some will become active (while im gone) if someone want to adding things.
    1) Added a charger to separate the app and isolate it of patched LIBFS, though this can open another “gaps”.
    2) Added to FTP: Net status check and warning messages in case of error.
    3) New GUI: (with this format) “Running icons” (note: im not sure about this one..) you can access from Global options -> Change Current GUI, with some nice new background colors with a soft decal.
    New Controls:
    DPAD LEFT/RIGHT: Moves a position from left to right or just to the right.
    L1/R1: Go up or down jumping a position series inside icons.
    DPAD UP: Switches Favourites/Games
    DPAD DOWN: Change to Games, alto games order in this way: (showed on your screen center-down):
    PS3 – PSX : Shows all games in alphabetical order.
    PS3 > PSX: Shows first PS3 games in alphabetical order and then PSX ones (alphabetical order also) This separates in groups and show us PS3 games first.
    PSX > PS2: Shows PSX games in alphabetical order and THEN PS3 ones (also PS3 games in alphabetical order).
    Selected option gets stored: Notice that it’s not the same as pressing L3/R3
    Favourites mode:
    We still have 12 and you can add/remove from options or exchange positions just pressing L2 and TRIANGLE.
    Info on your screen:
    Up – Left: Favourite mode / Games (actual game / total amount of games)
    Up – Center: Game title.
    Up – Right: Connected dispositives. Yellow (color) it’s the one who contains actual game. (Note: or shows).
    Down – Left: Game configuration, if a BR with a disc, Direct boot with an arrow, BD Emu o LIBFS.
    Down, actual date/hour of the system.
    Down – Center: Icon order mode.
    Down – left: Server FTP icon active, temperature info, etc.
    Icon refresh:
    Top still 12 on the showcase you will see only from 5 to 7, performance of icons is better. Hence this happens from HDD0 (hardrive) and then USB and last BDVB on background.
    This system was made thinking about achieve speed and agility when you want to search for a game.
    Translated by hellsing9
    P.s: He is not talking about he is getting out of the project but he will take sometime for himself. Still he encourages users to keep a nice feedback about ideas or something to make Iris even better.
    If you find some typo. Let me know. My connection sucks big time.
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