Gravity Crash Portable EU/US/JP CEF TN-B 2017-02-07

Gravity Crash Portable EU/US/JP CEF TN-B

  1. Noli
    - Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-B
    - for PSVita 1.81
    - by Total_Noob (individual game exploits by various hackers)

    - Instructions
    * You just should either have the mini "Urbanix" or "Mad Blocker Alpha: ROTF", or "Gravity Crash" from PS Store.
    * Extract the associated folder (see below) to "PSAVEDATA/*SOMECHARACTERS*/..." and copy the new savedata to your PSVita with CMA.
    * Launch the mini and after the savedata loading the screen should be flashed WHITE, before it automatically starts "TNMenu 0.2".
    - If you got here a RED screen, that means the exploit couldn't be initialized.
    - If you got a PURPLE screen, that means CEF couldn't be started.

    - Associated savedata folders
    * Urbanix EU: NPEZ00176
    * Urbanix US: NPUZ00077
    * MBA EU: NPEZ00327CPMEM
    * MBA US: NPUZ00210CPMEM
    * Gravity Crash EU: NPEG00020DATA00, NPEG00020DATA01
    * Gravity Crash JP: NPEG00020DATA01, NPJG00044DATA00
    * Gravity Crash US: NPEG00020DATA01, NPUG80321DATA00

    - About "Custom Emulator Firmware "CEF" 6.60 TN"
    Actually it isn't correct to call it "CEF 6.60 TN", because the kernel is always 6.60, but changes are within the PSVita Firmware. But anyways, it doesn't matter how the CFW is called.
    --This "CEF" does NOT have anything to configure yet. All configurations of the previous Custom Firmwares are not available, as they are not useful for "CEF".
    --It DOES NOT support PSX. By emulating 6.60 pops modules I get PSX working, but there is no sound, so better let it be.

    * Possibility to load unsigned homebrews and modules.
    * Possibility to load plugins (NPEZ00176/GAME.TXT, NPEZ00176/POPS.TXT).
    * Possibility to play backups with March33 and Sony NP9660 driver.
    * Possibility to get back to TN Menu by holding the START BUTTON for some seconds.
    * "CEF" renames "EBOOT.PBP" to "FBOOT.PBP".
    * Protects you from removing license files, else you have to download the game from PSN Store again.

    - About "TN Menu"
    This menu is developed with OSLib. IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, so it may have some bugs.

    * [] to open the configuration menu.
    * /\ to delete a file.
    * X to install a homebrew, move backups, or to load a homebrew/game.
    * Arrows to move.

    Prepare homebrews:
    * Create an ZIP archive of the homebrew, saved as: "FILENAME.ZIP/PSP/GAME/*THE_HOMEBREWS_NAME*/EBOOT.PBP".
    * "FILENAME.ZIP" can be saved somehow, it just MUST BE UPPER CASE LETTER and the filename can ONLY BE 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
    * Save the archive in the savedata folder.

    Install ISO/CSO:
    * Copy backup file to the savedata folder, UPPER CASE LETTER, 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
    * Start TN Menu and press X on the game to move it to "ms0:/ISO/" (you'll reach ~2000 KB/s).

    - Donation
    If you want to donate me some snacks and drinks, just click here:
    Thank you :)

    - User Interface for TN Menu
    If you wanna help me making a design for TN Menu, just feel free, and draw these images as an application for more orders:
    * DEFAULT.PNG 144x80
    * CORRUPT.PNG 144x80
    * BATTERY_SKIN.PNG (size doesn't matter)
    * BATTERY.PNG (inside the skin)
    * PROGRESS_BAR_SKIN.PNG (size doesn't matter)
    * PROGRESS_BAR.PNG (inside the skin)
    * BAR.PNG (where the game title is) 480x26
    * OPTION_MENU.PNG (which scrolls up) 480x246
    * BACKGROUND.PNG 480x272

    Colors, style and etc. are up to you.
    Send these images to my email:
    Please don't waste your time, if you aren't talented. I'll only pick up the best ;)

    - Porting CEF
    If you want to port CEF to other user exploits, just check the "H" folder, for "normal" people, that isn't interesting.
    You don't have to modify any files, just use these files:
    * TN.BIN
    * FLASH0.TN
    * MENU.PBP

    NOTE: Always use this document and add your name to credits when you release any ports.

    - Credits
    * Dark_AleX, author of Custom Firmware: Thank you master for your impressive work, I always admired you :)
    * Thanks to Takka for his ISO/CSO reader.
    * Thanks to xerpi who found Urbanix Exploit EU.
    * Thanks to Frostegater for MBA Exploit.
    * Thanks to Teck4 for the Gravity Crash Exploit, and Frostegater for the EU/US ports
    * Thanks everyone who collected bugs.
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