Freestyle Dashboard 3 rev 402 inkl. LiNK 2017-02-07

Freestyle Dashboard 3 rev 402 inkl. LiNK

  1. Noli
    ******** F3.0.402 *********
    Increased Stability in Scanning
    Increased Stability in gamelist
    Added integration with LiNK
    removed Xlink Kai
    Plugin Web for in game information while playing
    LiNK For native systemlink across the web

    ** When using the auto updater the updates will download and install. The installer will then ask you to press any key to reboot F3, instead power off your console completely and power back up.**

    LiNK – I have written a detailed tutorial… with pictures (because I know a lot of words with no pictures is difficult for some lol) on how to setup F3 and LiNK and it can be found HERE.

    WebUI – This new release includes not only LiNK but the new WebUI that allows you to get game info and systeminfo while in game. To access the new interface type your xbox IP into your web browser and point it to port 9999
    From here you will be able to take in game screen shots and save them to your computer by right clicking them and go to save as.
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