FBANext Emulator HD (Final Burn Alpha) r439 2017-02-07

FBANext Emulator HD (Final Burn Alpha) r439

  1. Noli
    FBANext is a native port on the Xbox 360 and PS3 Platforms.

    Capcom CPS-1 / Capcom CPS-2 / Capcom CPS-3 Cave / Neo Geo / Sega System 16 / Toaplan / Taito / Psikyo 68EC020 Plus Other Misc Great Arcade Systems


    (Changes since r424)

    (PS3) Some minor performance improvements and some more lag reduction (CPS3/Sega System 16) - other drivers can show similar improvements as well
    (PS3) Street Fighter III: Second Impact widescreen toggling has been fixed
    (PS3) D-pad navigation moves one position down/up like before
    (PS3) Dip switches now configurable in in-game menu
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