360 Multi Builder Version 0.8 2017-02-07

360 Multi Builder Version 0.8

  1. Noli
    What's new/fixed:
    - Removed the CB Labels on Main Menu to eliminate any RGH/Jtag confusion.
    - Updated xeBuild to v1.01 with support for Dashboard 14717.
    - Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 2.30
    - Updated Rawflash to v4 (xenon.elf in folder ..\Data) for better Flashing.
    - Updated Xell-Reloaded to Xell Reloaded v0.991 with built in RawFlash v4.
    - Updated Flashing Instruction for proper operations with RawFlash.
    - FreeStyle Dash is set to boot as the Default Dash with default "launch.ini"
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