360 Content Manager Version 2.1 2017-02-07

360 Content Manager Version 2.1

  1. Noli
    What This App Does:
    * Browse 360 files on your PC by their real info, like game name and package title.
    * Upload files (XBLA, DLC, GOD, Avatar, Title Update) to your console over FTP with a single click. Files are automatically uploaded to the right folders.
    * Drag and drop files to other applications, if you'd prefer to use your own FTP client.
    * Organize a messy folder of downloaded content into 1 of many different directory styles. Restore the original filenames for XBLA and DLC files.
    * View the MediaID of Title Updates and GODs so you can match them, and search JQE and XBUC for matching TUs.
    * View the MediaID of ISO files. (Requires abgx360)
    * View the MediaID of default.xex files.

    Advanced/Beta Features:
    * Scan the Content folder on your 360's HDD to a database so that while browsing content on your PC you can see if it's already on your 360 or not, even if your 360 is off.
    * Browse the contents of your 360 directly, using Freestyle Dashboard's SMB share technology.

    What's new/fixed:
    * Reads and displays actual Title Update version number, which is helpful since Microsoft has stopped making it part of the package title. "New" style TUs (ie: tu0000004_00000000) can be renamed using the content organizer, since the number in the filename is largely meaningless.
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