WiiFlow Lite r1132

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    Release: 17.03.2017

    v4.4.0 r1132:
    - fixed nintendont video and language selecting per game. seems their 'key' names were different in config_game.cpp and menu_game.cpp so when you changed them in settings it didn't matter because launching a game used a different setting name. this is fixed now. if you used the global defaults you would have never noticed this.
    - fixed using force progressive patch for nintendont. so when you select a 480p or pal480p video mode it actually turns on progressive mode. only works on certain games just like nintendont. tested on rampage total destruction and working.
    - fixed led option for nintendont. seems the setting was there in game settings but was not used when launching a game.
    - added skip IPL option per game. used to skip the GC or triforce BIOS if you have it installed. some games may not work with the BIOS so you can set this to skip it.
    - added wiimote CC rumble option per game. this works only with wii CC or CCpro and will only make the wiimote vibrate in case you didn't know.
    - auto set native control and led to off if on Wii U. they only work on Wii.
    - WiiFlow Lite now always uses Nintendont Args config and only works with nintendont v3.358+.
    - removed USB HID option since nintendont auto detects usb controllers since v3.304+

    v4.4.0 r1130:
    - updated version to v4.4.0 r1130 final.
    - removed Fanart code.
    - fixed playing/zooming plugin game movies (hopefully, i don't have any .thp files to test it)
    - added HBC 1.1.3 new ID OHBC. this allows wiiflow to use exit to HBC if you have the new one.
    - switched HBC_JODI and HBC_HAXX to the correct DEFINE. they were switched wrong but it didn't seem to really have any affect.
    - re added the Aspect Ratio option for Emu NAND games. seems it was set to only show for a wii game but now it will show for both wii and nand game. default is your consoles default. so for example if your console is 16:9 and your game doesn't look right try force 4:3.
    - re organized the game settings menu to get all game setting options to show. this will make themes not display properly. themes will need to be edited.
    - added gc default settings menu accessed via main settings pg3. pg3 no longer requires you to be in gc view to see them now. wish i had more time to add more default settings.
    - addded partition settings menu in place of the single partiton selection on pg1. this means you don't have to select the source view first.
    - fixed switching from full covers to smallbox covers in sourceflow and brewflow.
    - updated the Help Guide to any new button controls (English only).
    - updated the xml file.
    - other minor theme and code cleanup
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