• Wii: Swiss Version 0.3 r174 veröffentlicht

    Besitzer einer Wii die auch mal gerne Ihre alten GameCube Backups spielen, können ab sofort zur neuesten Version von Swiss greifen. Swiss ist ein GameCube Launcher der IDE-EXI oder einen SD Gecko benötigt, um Gamecube Backups auf der Wii abzuspielen. Wie das ganze funktioniert, könnt Ihr in dieser Anleitung nachlesen.

    Swiss Version 0.3 r174 Changelog:

    • Added 16:9 widescreen forcing for games (thx Extrems!)
    • Added WiiRD Support for Games from all devices
    • Added 576p video mode support to Swiss/Games (thx Extrems!)
    • Added memory card emulation from SDGecko in slot A (WIP)
    • Added Ocarina Cheat engine support (.gct files or .qch archive still supported)
    • Added USBGecko PC browsing and game launch support (swissserver.exe)
    • Added automatic device selection priority (wiikey fusion, sd gecko (if "default device"), dvd if medium up)
    • Added Wiikey Fusion flashing support
    • Added IPL and DVD disc dumping via BBA HTTP (point browser at GC IP addr)
    • Added audio muting during reads if enabled (disabled by default)
    • Added boot.dol launching from an SD Card if detected at startup
    • Added GUI user friendly enhancements
    • Fix IDE-EXI support
    • Fix wiikey fusion and 32GB SD cards
    • Fix input scanning blocking threads (BBA now works a lot better)
    • Fix large files trying to get patched (Fifa 2004)
    • Fix Linux compiling issue
    • Removed GCARS cheat engine (in favour of Ocarina)!
    Download Swiss Version 0.3 r174

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