• [RELEASE/UPDATE] webMAN MOD 1.41.08 by aldostools

    [RELEASE/UPDATE] webMAN MOD 1.41.08 by aldostools

    Aldo Vargas aka Aldostools hat seinen

    webMAN Mod auf Version 1.41.08 aktualisiert.

    Changelog 1.41.08:

    - Added support to scan 1 level of subfolders on PS3ISO / PS2ISO / PSPISO / PSXISO / BDISO / DVDISO
    * previously only 1 letter subfolders was allowed or iso with the same name of the folder
    - Added support to filter games by name/path on html game list
    * This feature allows to search games grouped by genre or by any other category.
    Use: /index?name-to-be-searched
    - Removed redundant code adding entries in file list (html)

    Support und Download:
    webMAN-MOD v1.41.08 by M@tsumot0/aldostools - PS3 Brewology - PS3 PSP WII XBOX - Homebrew News, Saved Games, Downloads, and More!

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    1. Avatar von kolki
      kolki -
      ..auf Version 1.41.05 zurück aktualisiert!
      In den Versionen 1.41.06-10 gab es zu viele Probleme.

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