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    Team FSD die eigentlich für die Entwicklung des Freestyle Dashboard der Xbox 360 bekannt sind, haben aktuell ein erstes Video des neuen Projekts LiNK veröffentlicht. Mithilfe von LiNK können sich Reset Glitch Hack oder JTAG Benutzer in einer Xbox Live ähnlichen Umgebung im Multiplayer-Modus diverser Spiele austoben. Aktuell befindet sich das Projekt noch in einem recht frühen Stadium, dass das ganze schon recht gut funktioniert zeigt das folgende Video.

    Demnächst erwartet uns also eine Alternative zu xLinkKai die keine zusätzliche Software am PC benötigt.

    Well after we released our teaser video for LiNK we got a fa-nominal response from the scene, we were very happy to see that everyone was as excited about it as we were. A couple days later we started reaching out to people and offering them a spot in our closed beta test and we reached a good test group size of about 30 people. Testing has gone greatly and LiNK is performing even better then even we thought it would. Now that being said we still are not ready for release as there are some changes and additions we would like to make before we are completely satisfied that it is ready for the public. One thing that we kept all to ourselves, even from the beta testers, is our LiNK HUD.

    The LiNK HUD is the user interface used to navigate through the LiNK network into various rooms and lobbies. The part that excites us the most is that it is all done directly through the Xbox 360 Mini Blades. There is no need to flash your NAND to get this MS Dashboard modification because it is all done in real time by F3.

    P.S. I know most of you are wondering about ping, well in the beta we have tested with people all over the world and it is working great. We are hosting a match in Europe and users in North America and South America are able to connect and play with next to no lag.
    good connections = no lag
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